Our History

The Georgia County Collaborative Authority for Families and Children was created under the authority of Act 677, adopted March 27, 1998 and amended May 1, 2002 by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia. Designated as the local decision making body for prioritizing the needs of families and children, the Georgia Collaborative brings community partners together to develop, implement, and evaluate plans that address the serious challenges facing Georgia County’s children and families.

In Lanier County The Commission for Children, Youth, & Families evolved from the collaborative work of the members of the Lanier County Multi Agency Team for Children. In 1998 the newly formed collaborative began by applying for a Department of Human Resources planning grant thru the Family Connections Office. The Commission was established in 1998 to further improve the lives of Lanier County’s children/youth and families. In August 1998 the commission hired Sandy Marlor as the Family Connections Coordinator. The coordinator’s initiative and dedication as the liaison between the Commission, the Family Connection State Office, and the community was a key element during 1998 the Commission’s Planning Year. In July of 1999 the Commission hired a full time coordinator and embarked upon its first implementation year.

The Commission has been actively involved in the community focusing upon assessment, collaboration, education, and prevention as well as intervention and remediation over the past 14 years. Since the inception of the collaborative we have followed the Family Connections Process to it’s fullest intent and focused upon providing a conduit to bring community agencies, organizations, businesses, local government, and individuals together to bring about positive change in the community. We provide a safe atmosphere in which partners come together to determine a path of action to address identified issues. We have and will broker funds as required and be center for cooperation, flexibility and a framework for change. We assist partners in the identification of their interaction in the community consistent. We will be that entity that is prepared to fill service gaps and share responsibilities.

Membership in the Collaborative is open to any citizen of Lanier County and any individual or group that provides services in, or for the community members. The Commission meets monthly, except in the month of July, when many of the partners are on vacation. The collaborative governance has changed from Meet and Confer to Non Profit Corporation. The collaborative operates from an approved set of Corporate By Laws, as required by law. The Board Of Directors meets on a quarterly basis. The corporation has two meetings one in the Fall and Spring. All meetings are open to the public and are advertised on website Calendar. 

The Collaborative has positioned itself as a non-profit focusing on networking and relationships; connecting both the general public to partners and partners to each other. While there is no one sentence to explain what Georgia Collaborative does, the tag line says it all, “Helping People Help Others”.